The Rockdale Chamber of Commerce is a community based, non-profit organization designed to help build the business community.  While our dedication is first and foremost to our members and businesses -- we are also passionate about the community as a whole.

We strive to help our businesses see success and unify the public spirit of our community. Our mission is to preserve and promote the economic interest & well-being of Rockdale. We complete our mission every day by working with other entities and community groups in Rockdale with the same vision.

According to Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives Association, "The Chamber gives members a place where they can become engaged, sharing a vision for the future of their community and sharing the collective influence to make it happen."

At the Rockdale Chamber of Commerce, we believe in these statements and uphold the integrity and poise to be a valued organization within our community.

We encourage citizens to exercise their civic responsibility to join the Chamber of Commerce and make a positive difference in their community.

The Rockdale Chamber Office also serves as our community's Weekday Visitor Center.  As such, we have the responsibility and honor to work to bring visitors and tourists into our community to visit our historical sites, engage in scheduled events, stay in our hotels, shop our stores, and dine in our restaurants.